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La Flûte TEN21 - Case of 6

  • €64,00

La Flûte TEN21

La Flûte TEN21 (pronounce: flyte) was specially chosen to focus the aromas of our Cuvée TEN21  

Specially finished for De Watère by our friends from the renowned Italian glassware manufacturer Italesse, La Flûte TEN21 offers the perfect size and shape for Cuvée TEN21 to shine. It compliments any situation and table setting with its elegant and understated yet luxurious lines.

La Flûte TEN21 features our Logo as well as a calibration line of 100ml.

La Flûte TEN21 comes in cases of six

  • Measurements:
  • Volume: 220ml
  • dishwasher safe 

Champagne Knowledge

Flûte is the French term for conical stemware, typically used for Champagne. The Flûte first appeared in the 18th century when stemware became popular to separate the wine in the glass from the hand of the drinker so as to avoid warming up the chilled liquid. 

Moreover, Flûtes are designed to provide visual pleasure on the one hand by watching the Champagne‘s bubbles rise and explode at the surface. On the other hand, with its slightly tapered rim, the Flûte focuses the aromatic mist created by the bursting bubbles on the drinker‘s nose. 

Thereby, the Flûte creates an all encompassing Champagne experience.